Recognition Category: Job Promotion

Name: Dipo Adesina

Company: Tek Systems
Title: Training Specialist 
Tenure with company: TEKsystems (1 month) Allegis Group as a whole ( 4 years 5 months)
Industry: Staffing and recruiting

Describe what were you doing before and what you do now?

Prior to being a Corporate Trainer, I was a Senior Business Operations Associate for Aerotek where I managed $25 million + in Accounts Receivable.

What steps did you take to develop yourself personally and professionally for this role?

First, I had a clear cut goal of being a Training Specialist, and as a result I spent a lot of time reading books to develop my mind and expand my knowledge as a speaker. Secondly, I am a member of a Toastmasters Club, so I used that platform to develop my communication skills.

Professionally, I received a word of wisdom from one of the Directors in my previous company that really helped me. He said, “You must do the Job before you get the Job.” From that point on, I started to seek opportunities to present and train in the company. During that time, I created a presentation for my team to train and educate my colleagues about time management. Eventually, my manager recommended me to other managers in the department to present the same presentation in their team meetings. Secondly, I always volunteered for any speaking or training opportunities that others weren’t willing to do, which eventually led me to co-facilitating with other Training Specialist in the professional Development Team for a year and a half. One of the many books I read throughout the process was "How to Get Your Points Across in 30 seconds."

What advice would you have for others on the same or similar path?

Don’t wait for the opportunity to come, you have to go and look for it, and if you can’t find it create one. I’ve discovered that successful people don’t wait for things to happen, they make it happen.

What are you most excited about?

Doing what I love. My passion in life is to help others grow both personally and professionally through speaking. I now have the opportunity to impact the entire organization.

What is the best way for others to connect with you?






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